Children's Shows

Bringing Live Performance to Community Youth

In the spring of each school year Raven Theatre presents AESOP’S FABLES at Raven Theatre. The production is 35 minutes in length and includes a post-performance talk-back with the actors. With this critically acclaimed show, Raven Theatre introduces young audiences to the exhilaration of live theatre. Our professional actors interact with the audience, encouraging children to respond vocally to the many predicaments that the characters find themselves in. Through such interaction children learn many of life’s enduring lessons such as: respect for differences and appreciation for the quality of others, good sportsmanship and positive social skills.

Aesop’s Fables

AESOP'S FABLES brings to life six classic ancient fables – THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE, THE GRASSHOPPER AND THE ANT, THE LION AND THE MOUSE, PATTY THE MILKMAID, THE GOOSE THAT LAID THE GOLDEN EGGS, and THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF. Raven’s adaptation, laced with humor and music throughout, takes a modern twist on these favorite tales. Ages 3-8. Performances conclude with a Q&A session with the cast.

Performances can be scheduled Mondays - Fridays at 10am or 1pm.

Book your school or child’s organization for a performance at Raven. For Spring 2014, we are currently accepting reservations  for perfomances from February 24-June 13, 2014. For more information and booking reservations call our Director of Education, Mechelle Moe at (773) 338-6547or email her at