Creating or re-setting password

1. Enter the e-mail address you provided when you purchased your subscription.

  • f you did not provide an e-mail when you bought your subscription, you will need to provide one to use the system. If you want to give us a new e-mail address (or change an existing one) or if you don't remember which e-mail address you provided, please e-mail us at for assistance.

2. Click on "I don't know my password."


3. You'll receive an e-mail with a link to set your password.

Password email

4. Click on the link in the e-mail. You'll be taken to the following page (you'll see your own e-mail address on the screen.

enter new password

5. Create whatever password you like and enter it in the boxes labelled "Password" and "Retype Password." Create a password that will be easy remember but hard for others to figure out. A combination of capital letters, small letters and numbers is the most secure. Then hit "Reset Password." You'll be taken back to the log-in page.

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If you need assistance, call OvationTix customer service toll-free: 866-811-4111. Do not exit your Web browser. OvationTix customer service hours: 9am - 9pm M-F / 10am - 6pm Sat + Sun (Eastern Time).

Or, call Raven Theatre Box Office at 773-338-2177.